Encuestas IT

Encuestas IT is a job search engine site and a salary statistics web application where people look for job and fill in their salary. We built it from scratch.

  • Category: Development & Design
  • Technologies: .NET Core, C#, Bootstrap, Angular 2, EF Core, SQL, Git, Hangfire

Our work

Web app creation, design and code. Set up app architecture and kept it up to date.
Developed a mechanism to automatically render statistics and charts in HTML using data tables and HighCharts from SQL queries.
Developed a visual hire system using cards that represent job offers and applications.
Developed job post and job search functionalities.
Developed a crawler to get job posts from other sites.
Developed a back-end service to send emails and automatically post job offers to social networks using HangFire.
AMP (Acelerated Mobile Pages) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implementation.

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