LeanKit is a web implementation of Kanban Agile methodology. It is used all over the world for different companies and people. We helped building it from its starting point.

  • Category: Development & Design
  • Technologies: .NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, NHibernate, SQL, Git

Our work

Implemented several methods in order to walk through a complex data structure of N-ary trees avoiding recursion to make it more efficient.
Researched, defined, and implemented client-side architecture: Researched and chose between different ways of writing classes with JavaScript, implemented an API call layer, and defined a client-side object models layer.
Built automatic board updates using long polling techniques sending a minimal amount of data.
Redesigned and rewrote a board render engine using JavaScript classes and complex HTML render algorithms over a recursive data structure.
Created an avatar mechanism that allows the user to update and crop his image or generates an automatic image based on user initials, calculating colors according to the letters, and taking care not to overshadow them.
Optimized the main application query using query over. Nhibernate queries and logs analyzed.

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